Chronology of Harry's Life

Major Life Events:


Henry Seymour Chase Jr. born 2 February 1853, in Woodstock, Vermont, to Dr. Henry Seymour Chase, M.D. and Sara Haskell.

Bestowed with nickname "Harry."

Dr. Chase embraced dentistry as his profession.


Chase family moves to Independence, Iowa. Dr. Chase tries his hand at farming.

Harry receives drawing lessons from local woman.


Chase family moves to Iowa City, Iowa. Dr. Chase takes up dentistry again full time.

Harry studies art under more qualified teacher, and begins painting in oils.


Chase family moves to St. Louis. Dr. Chase takes position with Missouri Dental College.

Harry studies under James Reeve Stuart, sharing a studio with him and fellow art student Paul E. Harney.

Exhibits for first time at St. Louis Fair & Exposition.


Studies at National Academy of Design, New York City, under Lemuel Wilmarth.


Sails for Europe with William Merritt Chase.


Studies at Royal Academy of Art in Munich under various masters, including Bolonachi.


Exhibits for first time at Kunstverein (Art Union) of Munich.


Exhibits for second time at Kunstverein (Art Union) of Munich.


Returns to St. Louis. First solo show and auction at Pettes & Leathe.


Marries Laura Emeline “Emma” Eames, daughter of Dr. William Henry Eames.

Decamps back to Europe with Emma, settles in Paris.


Studies under Paul Constant Soyer in Paris.


Exhibits for first time at National Academy of Design, New York.

Exhibits for first time at Salon de Paris as student of Soyer.

Moves to The Hague to study under Mesdag.


Continues studies under Mesdag.

Exhibits for second time at Salon de Paris as student of Mesdag.

Returns to St. Louis.


Second solo show and auction at Pettes & Leathe in St. Louis.


Living and working in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Acquires his yacht, Bonnie, joins New Bedford Yacht Club.


Daughter, Rhoda Campbell Chase, born in New Bedford, named after Harry's grandmother.


Living in Avondale, New Jersey.

Elected Associate National Academician.

Exhibits at International Art Exhibition in Munich.

Son, Irwin G. Chase, born in Avondale, New Jersey.


Awarded First Julius Hallgarten Prize, National Academy of Design.

Near the end of the year, begins having delusions, mental health declines.


Confined to Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie.

Moved by his family to Sewanee, Tennessee, under the care of Dr. William M. Harlow.


Harry Chase dies in Sewanee on October 1, 1889.

Buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.

Where Harry Lived:

1853-1857 - Woodstock, Vermont.
1857-1865 - Independence, Iowa.
1865-1868 - Iowa City, Iowa.
1868-1870 - St. Louis, Missouri.
1870-1871 - New York, New York.
1872-1875 - Munich, Germany.
1876-1877 - St. Louis, Missouri.
1877-1878 - Paris, France.
1878-1879 - The Hague, Netherlands.
1879-1880 - St. Louis, Missouri
1880-1881 - New Bedford, Massachusetts.
1881-1883 - New York, New York.
1883-1885 - Avondale, New Jersey.
1885-1886 - Poughkeepsie, New York.
1887-1889 - Sewanee, Tennessee.