Gallery of Paintings

Herring Fishers Preparing for Sea, 1883.

Dutch Pinkie Coming to Anchor, 1882.

Venetian Fishing Boats, 1884.

From left to right above:

Fishing Smack in Buzzards Bay, 1882.
Running for an Anchorage, 1883.
On Board the Bonnie, 1884.
Coming into New Bedford, 1881.

Arrival of the Mail Packet, 1878.

Low Tide, Dutch Coast, 1884.

Dutch Boats at Anchor, 1880.

On the Sands, 1883.

In Buzzards Bay, 1882.

Off Hastings, 1978.

Pen & Ink Drawing, 1883.

Clearing Up, 1884.

Yachts in Buzzards Bay, 1885.
(etching of Harry Chase painting by Thomas Moran).

A Quiet Afternoon, 1884.

In Tow, 1885.

On the Danish Coast, 1875.

Near Cardiff Wales, 1883.

Danish Fishing Boats, 1876.

Scheveningen Fishermen, 1884.

The Return to Port, 1882.

At Anchor off Scheveningen, 1884.
(etching of Harry Chase painting by Thomas Moran).

Shrimpers Off Yarmouth, 1884.

Dutch Fishermen, 1883.

Outward Bound, 1882.