Collections Holding Works

Harry Chase's works are held in the collections of venerable institutions throughout the United States.

Going to the Wreck, 1883. Oil on canvas.

On the Trave, c. 1874. Pencil drawing.

Running for an Anchorage, 1883. Oil on canvas.

New York Harbor, North River, 1885. Oil on canvas. (top left in photo)

On the Sands, 1883. Oil on canvas.

Shipwreck, 1883. Pen and Ink Drawing.

Lobster Smacks, 1884. Oil on canvas.

New York Harbor, 1884. Etching after Harry Chase.

Several Etchings by Thomas Moran, after Harry Chase.

Boats on Shore, Yport, 1882. Oil on canvas.

Outward Bound Whaler, 1881. Pen & Ink on paper.

Dutch Boats, 1883. Oil on canvas.

On the Maas, 1883. Oil on Canvas.

Fishermen off Thames Mouth, 1880. Oil on canvas.

Dutch Pinkie Coming to Anchor, 1882. Oil on Canvas. 

Afternoon at Yport, 1877-78. Oil on canvas. (on wall far right in photo)

Shrimpers off Yarmouth, 1884. Oil on canvas.

Sketches of Holland, 1879. Pen & Ink on paper.

Going to the Pilot Boat, c. 1883. Oil on canvas.